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Unified Communications

Whether in office, at a meeting, travelling or working from home, Sennheiser offers a comprehensive range of premium headsets and speakerphones to enhance your Unified Communications experience.

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Wireless (DECT)
Mobile devices
Desk phone
Softphone (PC)

Wearing style

Single sided
Double sided
Ear hook


Wireless range
Range up to 55 m/180 ft
Range up to 25 m/82 ft
Audio protection
Active noise cancellation
Talk time up to 10 hours
Talk time up to 20 hours
Talk time up to 12 hours
Talk time up to 14 hours

Work environment

High noise
Medium noise
Low noise
  • PRESENCE™ Grey UC is for the mobile professionals, who require a consistently excellent communicatio... Mais


  • Connect to softphone/PC, desk phone and mobile phone for maximum device flexibility. Pioneering voic... Mais


  • Connect to softphone/PC and desk phone for device flexibility. Pioneering voice detection technology... Mais


  • Designed for Unified Communications business professionals using softphone on PC, who demand excepti... Mais


  • O SP 20 da Sennheiser é um viva-voz portátil projetado para profissionais de negócios sempre em desl... Mais


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Please note that Sennheiser reserves the right to qualify the incoming requests

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