SC 232/262

SC 232 and SC 262 are robust, single- and double sided, wired headset with Easy Disconnect plug for flexible use in Contact Center and Offices.
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Built to last

Years of wearing pleasure

With metal reinforced headbands and all-around robust and durable design, these headsets were built to last.

Years of wearing pleasure

Focus fully on the conversation

Sennheiser voice clarity

If you work in a noisy contact center or office, you will appreciate the Sennheiser Voice Clarity of SC 200 headsets. With a noise-cancelling microphone and wide-band sound, every word comes through crisp and clear for you and your listener. It’s as if you’re having a face-to-face conversation.

Sennheiser voice clarity

CircleFlex® dual-hinge ear cups

All-day wearing comfort

The ear cups, which have ear pads made of soft acoustic foam and a leatherette cover, swivel to create the right angle for you.

The result? An immediate perfect fit and all day comfort for the busy contact center or office professional.

All-day wearing comfort

Additional features

  • Best in class comfort

    • For long-lasting user comfort, headsets feature CircleFlex™ dual-hinge ear cups with acoustic foam ear pads with soft leatherette cover.

  • Sennheiser ActiveGard®

    • Sennheiser ActiveGard® technology protects users against acoustic injury caused by sudden sound burst on the line.

  • Flexible Microphone Placement

    • A fully adjustable, bendable boom arm positions the microphone perfectly. The pivotable boom rotates 350 degrees for wearing on either the right or left.

  • Sennheiser Voice Clarity

    • Wideband sound for a natural listening experience while a noise-cancelling microphone filters out ambient noise for optimum speech clarity

SC 200 Headset Trial Request

Please note that Sennheiser reserves the right to qualify the incoming requests

Informações Técnicas

  • Cor
  • Estilo de uso
  • Impedância
    ~50 Ω
  • Conector
    Easy Disconnect
  • Frequência de resposta (Microfone)
    150 Hz – 6,800 Hz
  • Frequência de resposta (fones de ouvido)
    50 Hz – 18,000 Hz
  • Microfone
  • Nível de pressão sonora (SPL)
    Max. 113 dB limited by ActiveGard®
  • Extensão de cabo
    1 m / 3.3 ft
  • Peso
    58 g / 2.05 oz (SC 232) | 89 g / 3.14 oz (SC 262)
  • Package dimensions
    201 x 153 x 60 mm / 7.91 x 6.02 x 2.36 in
  • Package weight
    181 g / 6.38 oz (SC 232) and 212 g / 7.48 oz (SC 262)
  • Units in distributor master carton
    20 pcs
  • Master carton weight
    4.5 kg / 9.92 lbs (SC 232) | 5.2 kg / 11.46 lbs (SC 262)
  • Master carton dimensions
    615 x 415 x 185 mm / 24.21 x 16.34 x 7.28 in
  • Unit pack/end user
    1 pc


  • Declaração UE de conformidade
    • EC Declaration of Conformity SC series (450 KB) Download

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  • Literatura digital
  • Guias de segurança

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