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Skype for Business

How our Microsoft® partnership maximizes your Skype for Business investment

As part of the Skype for Business Certification Program, all our products are tested and ready to plug in and use. Test Sennheiser's sound quality and wearing comfort for yourself by applying through the Sennheiser - Microsoft® Evaluation program.

Microsoft Teams

Sennheiser headsets and speakerphones certified for Skype for Business are also compatible with Microsoft® Teams. Experience the plug ‘n’ play simplicity and the proven interoperability in renowned Sennheiser high-quality audio.

Microsoft Teams

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Work or play, clear communication is crucial

Work or play, clear communication is crucial

Sennheiser headsets optimized for Cortana deliver a precise, clear and recognizable sound, so your voice comes through clearly, making it easier for Cortana to understand what you need.

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Skype for Business Resources

Solution Overview

See the Sennheiser Skype for Business Solution Overview

Microsoft Brochure

Read all about our Skype for Business certified headsets and speakerphones

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