The True Sound of Vinyl - Facebook app for music enthusiasts from Sennheiser

Everyone who has ever stumbled across or browsed through a vinyl collection has certainly experienced an excitement similar to the one of discovering a memory box. It may be the surprise of finding a track long forgotten, the joy of listening to it once again and reliving past moments or the impulse to share all of it with friends. Starting as of now the new Facebook application True Sound of Vinyl from Sennheiser will help all vinyl fans and audiophiles to find and share their all-time favourite records and bring their memories back to life through sound. The passion for music will be rewarded with official Sennheiser vinyl test records and top-of-the-range Sennheiser headphones.

Vinyl fans know that owning rare and valuable pieces is not necessarily the most exciting part of the collecting process. What completes the satisfaction is getting to share your passion, impressions and thoughts with others. The passion of collecting vinyl records is well justified, as these are great preservers of impeccable sound that touch even the finest ears of audiophiles. Hardly any other medium comes so close to the original sound as the vinyl record. “Because of their unique property of preserving sound so close to the original, vinyl records are highly appreciated among music enthusiasts. They are associated with authenticity and the high-quality of sound,” says Marco Brinkmann, Team Leader New Media at Sennheiser.

With this in mind, Sennheiser chose the vinyl record as the central element of the newly developed Facebook app True Sound of Vinyl. Facebook users can submit their all-time favourite records by simply entering the genre, artist and record name and write a short statement about what makes their record the True Sound of Vinyl. The submitted records can be shared within the network with all friends and contacts, and will be collected and posted on a virtual pinboard, the True Sound Index, which is bound to become the world’s first social vinyl index. “This will act as the first community-created record collection, which music fans can access and use for six weeks to rediscover their favourite songs or find new tracks. Through an interface to the large and prestigious record database Discogs, they can purchase them the spot”, adds Marco Brinkmann.

Sennheiser rewards the true passion for sound
Sennheiser rewards the most passionate music enthusiasts with exclusive gifts: a total of 500 limited-edition official Sennheiser vinyl records are offered to those who share their passion and contribute to the True Sound Index. The first 100 participants win instantly an official Sennheiser record, whilst other 400 will be raffled among the other users. These records enable audiophile users to test and experience the full sound spectrum of their high-end phones. Each piece holds four tracks of different genres with a total duration of 17 minutes of high-quality musical experience. The first 100 submissions will be instantly rewarded with an original Sennheiser vinyl record. Sennheiser completes the perfect sound experience by giving away additionally three of its top-of-the-line headphones, namely the HD 700, the HD 650 and the RS 220.

The app can be accessed on the Sennheiser Facebook page www.facebook.com/Sennheiser and on local Sennheiser profiles in Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the USA, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, India, BeNeLux, Brazil, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Singapore and Japan.


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