15/10/2012 Singapore

Singapore joins global Guinness Arthur’s Day celebrations with the help of Sennheiser

Sennheiser was the backbone behind the island-nation’s first-ever Arthur’s Day Concert on 28 September, enabling the country to join 54 others in commemorating the man who founded the famous Guinness stout. Headlining the landmark event were Mando-pop stars Gary Chaw, Della Ding Dang, Shin, and Paul Wong.

The stars performed on a catwalk stage that extended out into the audience. This set-up enabled them to get up close and personal to their fans but it could have caused serious feedback issues for the concert.

“The stage set-up created a challenging sound-management situation but Senn-heiser’s MD 5235 dynamic microphone capsule did a superb job in reducing possible feedback from the front-of-house system,“ said FOH engineer Danny Lee of Unusual Productions, which provided sound support for the concert.

Sennheiser together with Unusual Productions provided eight channels of SKM 5200-II radio microphones with MD 5235 capsules and another eight channels of SKM 2000 handheld microphones with MMD 935 capsules. For monitoring, Arthur’s Day relied on eight ew IEM G2 and 16 ew IEM G3 systems.

“We knew we had to go with Sennheiser, knowing that we’d have five bands per-forming and more than 40 channels of wireless links. We had to go with a name we knew we could trust,“ said Unusual Productions’ monitor engineer Xiao Hei.

Gary Chaw was awarded the 2008 Best Male Mandarin Singer at the Golden Melody Awards. He has toured extensively in North Asia and North America and has written chart-toppers for many artists, including „S.H.E.“, Cyndi Wang and Aaron Kwok.

Della Ding Dang, whose music career began when she was 18 years old, achieved stardom in 2009 with “I Love Him“, the theme song for the popular Chinese drama series “Autumn’s Concerto“. This song also earned her the “Top KTV Song of the Year“ award in Taiwan the same year. She also won the Female Singer of the Year and Song of the Year awards at the 2010 China Music Radio Awards.

Shin, a singer-songwriter who embraced diverse genres including heavy metal and Britpop, has collaborated with top names such as A-Lin, Wilber Pan, JJ Lin and Karen Mok. He won this year’s Best Male Singapore-Songwriter at the Music Radio Awards (Taiwan & Hong Kong category).

Paul Wong, an accomplished singer-songwriter, guitarist, music producer and actor, is regarded as one of the region’s finest guitarists. A former member of popular rock band “Beyond“, Wong is enjoying another round of success with his new band, “Hann“, with whom he has released nine albums since 2001.


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