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Sennheiser intensifies its activities to secure frequency spectrum

The allocation of wireless frequencies is in a state of upheaval in many parts of the world. In some countries, the wireless frequencies previously used by wireless microphones and monitoring systems have since been auctioned off; in other countries, broadcasters, audio technicians, sound crews, theatres and show and event organisers are being faced with the closure of these frequencies. For more than 15 years, Sennheiser, together with other manufacturers and users of wireless systems, has been fighting to secure the frequency spectrum for wireless production equipment. Two new campaigners on Sennheiser’s side are Matthias Fehr and Gerhard Spyra. Since April and May 2013 respectively, the two RF specialists have been providing valuable support in spectrum issues.

Fehr and Spyra report directly to Norbert Hilbich, Head of Application Engineering at Sennheiser: “The spectrum issue continues to be a hot topic – even in those countries in which spectrum has already been re-allocated. I’m therefore all the more pleased that Matthias Fehr and Gerhard Spyra are now helping us to further intensify our activities to secure the frequency spectrum for wireless production equipment.”

Matthias Fehr
Matthias Fehr is not only a specialist in regulation and standardisation for RF technology, he is also very familiar with Sennheiser. Until 2008, the graduate electrical engineer worked as a technical coordinator for RF product technology at the audio specialist. After a period of freelance activity, during which he mainly worked as a project manager and developer in the aviation sector, Fehr is now returning to Sennheiser: “My enthusiasm for audio technology simply didn’t let me go,” said the 57-year-old engineer. It is also for that reason that Matthias Fehr is honorary President of the Association of Professional Wireless Production Technologies (APWPT), which represents the interests of users and manufacturers of wireless production equipment worldwide.

Gerhard Spyra
Gerhard Spyra brings 24 years of Sennheiser experience with him. As a state certified engineer specialising in radio and television technology, he looked after RF systems and installation technology before undergoing further training as an RF specialist. Since then, the 53-year-old engineer has been active throughout the world for Sennheiser and its customers, providing local support for major audio and RF projects. Spyra has excellent knowledge of the user side of wireless systems and will apply this experience not only in standardisation and regulation issues but also in customer support.

Political PR
The addition of Fehr and Spyra to the Spectrum Affairs team means that Sennheiser is now able to strengthen its campaign to represent user interests on a political and institutional level. “We want to further expand our activities especially in the field of political public relations – not exactly familiar territory for audio systems manufacturers and their customers,” explained Norbert Hilbich. “In addition, we are participating in the relevant regulatory and standardisation committees. We are also keeping a close eye on the worldwide development concerning the re-allocation of frequencies.” This is important as the aim is to secure the frequency spectrum in the long term for the cultural and creative industries – and therefore ultimately to ensure that one of the world’s most productive sectors can continue to operate.


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