30/08/2012 Berlin

Perfect sound never looked so good - Introducing the new CX 890i, MX 985 and CX 985 from Sennheiser

Renowned Sennheiser technology, innovative materials and revolutionary design; the looks and sound of the CX 890i, MX 985 and CX 985 are all equally perfect. The new ear-canal headset CX 890i features a glass-like finish with metal detailing to create a distinctive, minimalistic style. With the new MX 985 and CX 985 earphones, Sennheiser brings a touch of luxury to music lovers everywhere. The earphones’ elegant design is perfectly finished-off with metal-sculpted components that give them a unique look and feel.

“The new Sennheiser earphones are a perfect combination of top-quality sound and sophisticated design,” explained Rajender Mogili, Product Manager at Sennheiser Consumer Electronics. “They deliver sound to the renowned Sennheiser quality standards. High-performance dynamic transducers produce a true-to-nature sound with a highly detailed resolution.” To make sure that the headphones are ready for use at any time, they have been fitted with a 3.5mm stereo jack, and the nominal impedance has been reduced for optimum connection to mobile players.

A headset with a minimalistic glass-like design: the CX 890i
Brand new is the premium headset CX 890i. The headset astounds with its splendid glassy finish and comes in two colour variants – black and white – with a matching cable for each colour. “The glassy material creates an unusually smooth surface and domed appearance. Ear adapters in various sizes and fitting colours are also provided with the headset,” said Rajender Mogili. But it doesn’t just stop with good looks. The CX 890i combines the signature Sennheiser sound with a frequency response between 17 and 23,000 hertz, plus an integrated smart remote control and microphone – especially for iPad, iPhone and iPod users. This can be used not only to adjust the volume and select tracks, but also to take phone calls and activate the voice control feature. Simultaneously, outstanding passive noise attenuation guarantees undisturbed listening – even when out and about in the turmoil of the big city.

Your choice of sound and style: the CX 985 and MX 985
“Renowned Sennheiser technology and selected materials; our customers appreciated these attributes which already exist in the Sennheiser Expression Line. The MX 985 and CX 985 earphones now add a new, refined metal-sculpted de-sign,” explains Charles Cha, Product Manager at Sennheiser Consumer Electron-ics. The in-line volume slider has been slimmed down and integrated more dis-cretely into the cable, making it more intuitive and easier to use. Such small but refined extras add something just a little special to the new earphones. The 3.5mm phone jack rotates through 90 degrees so that the headset is always op-timally connected to the audio source. A metal clip for attaching the cable to cloth-ing plus an in-flight adapter – now with rotatable socket – completes the exclusive listening experience.

The CX 985 is designed to meet the expectations of the most discerning music lovers. The premium ear-canal phones promise high-definition sound reproduc-tion in a frequency range between 16 and 24,000 hertz with improved mids, re-sulting in a brighter sound with outstanding vocals. The ear adapters are made of soft silicon and foam, and fit snugly into the ear canal, effectively blocking out external noise. A choice of seven adapters ensures that the earphones will fit perfectly into any ear size and lets users customise the listening experience according to their sound preferences – either bass-driven or balanced.

Also made of high-quality metal, the MX 985 ear-canal phones with their distinctive design, are the perfect audio accessory. They deliver an impressive audio experience with natural and precise sound reproduction in a frequency range be-tween 16 and 23,000 hertz.

The new MX 985, CX 985 and CX 890i earphones are available from September through selected Sennheiser sales partners.


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