08/05/2013 Munich/Wedemark

In-Ear Deluxe – Now for Mobile Phones Too. New cable for the IE 800 high-end headphones from Sennheiser

The IE 800 headphones from Sennheiser are the ones with the most innovations per square millimetre. They are brimming with groundbreaking ideas to ensure that audiophile music lovers can get as close as possible to perfect sound even when they’re on the move. And for even greater flexibility, a new connecting cable is now available to enable these small high-end earphones to be used with a mobile phone.

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  • When it comes to audio quality, ear-canal headphones have been known to come up against their limits in the past. But the IE 800 sets new standards. These dynamic in-ear headphones offer fascinatingly brilliant trebles, precise bass response and a detailed, lifelike sound image with a frequency response of 5 to 46,500 Hz.
  • For even greater flexibility, a new cable fitted with a control unit for a mobile phone is now available for these ear-canal headphones. The RCS 800 can be used with most current mobiles that use Android and Windows operating systems.
  • An integrated control unit that includes a microphone allows phone calls to be taken and ended at any time. It can also be used to adjust the volume and to choose the next or previous title.
  • The 0.8m-long Kevlar-reinforced cable has gold-plated contacts for perfect sound. The high-quality design is precisely matched to the IE 800, which not only features innovative technology but also excels with its modern design and high-quality materials such as a ceramic housing. Its puristic design language and black/silver finish give it that certain extra.
  • The RCS 800 will be available from October onwards at selected stores. The packaging has a QR code that links to the Sennheiser website. There, music lovers will find a list of devices for which the new cable is optimized and a description of the functions available, allowing them to check immediately whether their mobile phone is compatible.



    The sound of the IE 800 can easily compete with that of our high-end portfolio. For the first time, Sennheiser has succeeded in combining mobile music enjoyment with high-end quality.
    Axel Grell, Product Manager High-End at Sennheiser

    The 'digital' revolution is becoming increasingly important even in the high-end sector. Data formats such as FLAC or wav now mean that you can enjoy optimum sound quality no matter where you are. And if you want to listen to music on your mobile phone when you're out and about, you no longer have to do without the user-friendly features that you've become accustomed to.
    Axel Grell, Product Manager High-End at Sennheiser



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