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Get inspired by great sound and great looks: Sennheiser and fashion label DRYKORN explore the design language of the MOMENTUM headphones on Pinterest

You believe in purism and the individual? Audio specialist Sennheiser and the fashion label DRYKORN invite those with an eye for essential style to enter their ‘MOMENTUM for beautiful people’ competition for a chance to win a pair of MOMENTUM headphones in combination with a DRYKORN clothing voucher worth €500.

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  • The Pinterest competition celebrates the new Sennheiser MOMENTUM headphones – a unique fusion of sound and style. The MOMENTUM offers a pure, mature look that appeals to those who know not only excellent sound, but also good design. Alongside Sennheiser’s minimalist headphones, the ‘MOMENTUM for beautiful people’ boards will include items from fashion label DRYKORN, showcasing selected pieces from its striking 2013 collection.
  • To enter the competition, people who share that vision are being invited to create Pinterest mood boards that showcase designs, fashion ideas and products that they feel complement the new MOMENTUM headphones and this season’s DRYKORN styles. Four winning style boards will be chosen and each winner will receive a pair of Sennheiser MOMENTUM headphones and DRYKORN vouchers worth €500.
  • How it works? Just repin one of the MOMENTUM versions with complementary clothing or accessories from DRYKORN. Find 5-10 items to pin on your personal mood board that best reflect the lifestyle and look of our signature items. Make sure to tag all the items pinned to your board with the hashtag #MOMENTUMforbeautifulpeople – then you’re ready to submit the URL of your board to us.
  • So what will your mood board feature? Perhaps it’s a leather jacket, a piece of furniture or a watch. Or maybe your vision is of elegant modernist architecture or a concept car straight from the future. Show us your idea of the world of MOMENTUM and its distinctive pure aesthetic. As inspiration, Sennheiser has created pinboards for both the MOMENTUM Black and MOMENTUM Brown including matching DRYKORN items, showcasing the pure design language and vision behind the award-winning headphones.
  • A jury of experts will judge if your style makes the grade – and they should know: The judging panel includes Marcus Luft, Fashion Director for German Gala and Gala Style magazines as well as TV presenter Alexander Mazza.
  • Interested? Follow Sennheiser on Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/sennheiser) or Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Sennheiser). The MOMENTUM Style competition on Pinterest will run between 22 April and 6 June.



    Sennheiser’s MOMENTUM headphones draw the eye through pure, essential design. Their look and high quality materials are a powerful statement of their performance – where style speaks of substance. Together with DRYKORN we look for individuals that share our design vision and speak the language of MOMENTUM.
    Marco Brinkmann, Manager New Media at Sennheiser electronic

    DRYKORN’s 2013 collection is defined by elegant silhouettes and graphic art deco stylistics for a look that is both classic and contemporary. The timeless feel, attention to detail and high quality materials that define our label is reflected in Sennheiser’s MOMENTUM.
    Marino Edelmann, Head of Marketing and Sales at DRYKORN



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