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Brilliant sound underneath the Christmas tree

Opening the first window on the advent calendar is a happy moment, but it’s also the point when the Christmas stress starts in earnest. Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is never an easy job – after all, you want it to be something special. But why not bring a sparkle to their eyes and ears with brilliant sound this year? Audio specialist Sennheiser has something to offer for every taste.

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MOMENTUM 2 – Uncompromised sound quality for aesthetes

The MOMENTUM range combines pure, timeless design and uncompromised sound quality. Powered by Sennheiser’s proprietary transducers, these headphones create a sound that is detailed, pure, and with a slight bass emphasis. The attention to detail extends into the premium materials that are used in these foldable headphones. Available in both over-ear and on-ear variants, the MOMENTUM features lightweight stainless steel sliders, which reflect the essential design purity of the range. Yet, the headphones are robust enough for a lifetime of listening on the move. Crafted from genuine leather for the MOMENTUM and soft Alcantara® for the MOMENTUM On-Ear, the headphones’ ear pads ensure excellent wearing comfort. For the first time, the second generation of the MOMENTUM range also includes wireless versions.

Available in the colour variants Black Red and Black Chrome, Sennheiser’s ear-canal phones MOMENTUM In-Ear complete the MOMENTUM family. Beautifully crafted from the highest quality materials and featuring class-leading proprietary transducer technology, the MOMENTUM In-Ear delivers the acclaimed MOMENTUM sound performance and the range’s iconic, elegant design in the smallest, most compact form.

URBANITE – Intense club sound on the move
Sennheiser’s URBANITE headphones are the ideal gift for those looking for an intense club-like experience on the move. The headphones feature cool urban design and sound that combines massive bass and crystal clear trebles. Stainless-steel hinges, a robust folding and sliding mechanism and super soft ear pads ensure great durability and maximum comfort even in intense use. The colour-coordinated, fabric-covered headbands on the on-ear variant URBANITE and over-ear variant URBANITE XL round off the cool fashionable look. In addition to the wired models, the URBANITE is available as a Bluetooth variant: The URBANITE XL WIRELESS features effortless wireless connectivity, an impressive 25 hours of playback as well as an intuitive touch control panel for supreme ease of use.

SPORTS series – for everyone planning to stick to their new year’s resolutions
Whether you’re jogging outdoors or hitting the gym – featuring four models, Sennheiser’s SPORTS range offers the perfect training partner for the inevitable workout to burn off all that holiday indulgence. The MX 686 SPORTS, CX 686 SPORTS, OCX 686 SPORTS and PMX 686 SPORTS models ensure outstanding comfort and fit. Their proprietary Sennheiser transducers are acoustically fine-tuned to deliver the best sound performance without distortion even at high sound levels. All models include an integrated smartphone remote and microphone that allows easy controlling of volume, tracks and calls when exercising. By utilizing the latest in material technology, Sennheiser makes sure the headphones are lightweight yet durable and water resistant so they can take on anything. There really is no excuse not to put your new year’s resolutions into practice.

RS digital wireless headphones – for a top-class sound experience at home
For anyone seeking to relax after all the holiday excitement by watching a favorite movie or listening to good music, Sennheiser offers the RS digital wireless headphones. The RS 165, RS 175, RS 185 and RS 195 models offer highly reliable connectivity with low latency and excellent range for an amazing home entertainment experience. The ergonomic around-ear design of the four RS models provides excellent levels of comfort for even long periods of use. With the RS 195, users can additionally address their specific personal hearing needs. Dedicated pre-sets and modes can increase speech intelligibility and tailor the sound to the user’s preferences to enhance the listening experience, whether watching TV or listening to music. All models in the range feature plug-and-play setup, simple intuitive controls, and easy charging for up to 18 hours of listening – a perfect gift for fans of home entertainment.

HD 630VB – audiophile sound with optional bass boost
Sennheiser’s very first closed-back audiophile headphones are a special gift for anyone passionate about incredible sound quality, even on the move. The circumaural HD 630VB combines the brilliant balanced sound of open audiophile models with excellent ambient noise attenuation for a distraction-free listening experience, making them a perfect companion to mobile devices. Featuring a rotary bass dial, the HD 630VB allows for the user to customize the bass response according to their personal preferences. Using the remote control on the right ear cup and the in-line microphone integrated into the high-quality OFC cable, users can comfortably control music and take calls on current smartphone models.

ClipMic digital – for professional-quality sound recordings with iOS devices
ClipMic digital, the digital clip-on microphone from Sennheiser and Apogee, helps capture sound professionally on mobile devices – an ideal gift for a professor who may want to record his lectures or proud parents who want to capture their child reciting a Christmas poem. Especially designed for iOS devices, the microphone features a Lightning connector to directly connect to iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® touch, thus creating high-quality, ultra-portable solutions for recording speech.
Apogee’s audio recording app MetaRecorder is the perfect companion to ClipMic digital. The free version of MetaRecorder is available from the Apple App Store.



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