13/09/2013 Amsterdam/Wedemark

Audio specialist Sennheiser launches new generation of broadcasting headsets

To ensure that broadcasters and sound engineers always have the best tools to work with, Sennheiser has completely revised its 26 Series of broadcasting headsets. The improvements include new design elements that further enhance wearing comfort, improved protection against electromagnetic interference and handling noise as well as higher overall stability for the headsets. The Mark II version of the monitoring headsets will be unveiled in its full range for the first time at the IBC.

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  • Outstanding audio transmission: The dynamic hyper-cardioid microphone of the series now has a new capsule suspension system that further reduces handling noise. Various shielding measures have been applied to the pre-polarised condenser microphone to offer even more effective protection against electromagnetic interference. Improved protection against handling noise is also ensured by the new cables: three or four coils in the cable acoustically decouple the headphones from noise interference. There is now also a special headset for use with audio codec devices: the HME 26-II-100(4)-P48 with phantom power.
  • Even better wearing comfort: The headsets and the headphones now fit even more comfortably and securely due to the increased length and the 20° wider opening angle of the two-piece headband. For those users who prefer a conventional headband, a wide headband padding is included that converts the two-piece headband into a compact single piece.
  • Sturdy design: The 26-II series features an impressively sturdy overall design. The new –II cables have been reinforced, while the headsets’ microphone boom, which can be rotated through 180°, has been made stronger by the use of new materials to keep it securely in its set position. For single-sided listening, the angle through which the ear cup can be swivelled backwards has been limited to 45°, thus ensuring that the headset fits particularly securely.
  • The models: All models are equipped with Sennheiser’s automatically opening two-piece headband, while their switchable ActiveGard™ or Peak Level Protection features ensure that they comply with the EC directive on noise at the workplace. The new 26-II Series offers a selection of complete headsets or ones that can be combined with individual cables to suit the application. Users can choose from straight and coiled copper cables, straight steel cables and a cable with a battery pack to supply the NoiseGard system, as well as XLR-3/6.3 mm jack plugs, XLR-4F plugs, XLR-5 plugs and open cable ends.
  • HD 26 PRO: dynamic monitoring headphones, 100 ohms impedance, 3.5/6.3 mm jack plug
  • HMD 26-II: headset with a dynamic hyper-cardioid microphone, available as 100 and 600-ohm versions, complete headset combinations with open cable ends, 600-ohm version also with XLR-3/6.3 mm jack plug
  • HMD 26-II-600S: single-sided headset with a dynamic hyper-cardioid microphone, 600 ohms impedance
  • HMDC 26-II-600: headset with NoiseGard™ active noise cancellation, a dynamic hyper-cardioid microphone, 1200 ohms total impedance
  • HME 26-II: headset with a pre-polarised condenser microphone, available with cardioid or omni-directional pick-up pattern, as a 100 and 600-ohm version; the HME 26-II-100(4)-P48 version has been specially optimised for codec devices with P48 phantom power


    The wearing comfort of a headset is just as important as its sound quality. We have integrated many of our customers’ wishes in this area. For example, we have increased the overall length of the headband, provided it with wider, softer padding and designed the end pieces with a different angle in order to achieve a more even contact pressure. But the headset is still as lightweight as always: without a cable, it weighs only around 200 grams – ideal for long production sessions.
    Dorit Müller, product manager for broadcasting headsets at Sennheiser

    We have embedded the outstanding microphones of the 26 Series into a new mechanical design to further enhance audio transmission.
    Dorit Müller, product manager for broadcasting headsets at Sennheiser


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