Vocal Recording Microphone
MK 8
Microfone condensador com duplo diafragma de qualidade profissional com cinco padrões de captação independentes para gravações avançadas em casa ou em estúdio. Dois diafragmas de 1" entregam um som aconchegante e preciso.
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MK 8
R$ 6.519,50
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The MK 8 offers a great solution for advanced home recording applications and project studios alike. It is the microphone for people who pour all of their passion into their audio projects. The MK 8 offers sophisticated options to sign off your sound with your own personal handwriting. The dual-diaphragm condenser microphone delivers warm and precise sound reproduction. Its five independent polar patters allow for a multitude of recording applications and sound design options.
No matter which mixing desk or recording device is used, the MK 8 matches the input sensitivity with a 3-step attenuator. Two adjustable filters compensate for the proximity effect as well as low frequency rumble or structure born noise.

The MK 8 has dual one-inch diaphragms precisely spattered with 24-carat gold. The shock-mounted capsule is accommodated within a sturdy metal housing.

The MK 8. Pride in Sound - Made in Germany.

  • Dual-diaphragm true condenser microphone

  • Five switchable polar patterns

  • 3-position switchable low cut/roll-off filter

  • 3-position pad switch

  • Two 24-carat gold plated 1 inch diaphragms

  • Shock-mounted capsule

  • Rugged metal housing

  • Safely sheltered electronics

  • Designed and made in Germany

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  • MK 8 microphone
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