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Microphone-Based Camera Steering

(Automatic Camera Preset Recall Plugin) by QSC & Sennheiser

Empowering Distributed Teams – Nowadays, it is widely accepted that we will never replace all face-to-face meetings by video conferences, but a wave of technological innovation helps us reduce the perceived distance and enabling increased engagement from the remote participants.

Life-Like Conferencing Experience – Today's businesses heavily rely on video conferencing. With innovative and interactive solutions like "Microphone-Based Camera Steering" we present an automated solution where the camera follows the microphone signal – focusing on the active participant, supporting the natural human dialogue, and increasing the groups' overall engagement.

Getting Closer Together – Our solution reduces the well-known hear and watch fatigue typical for long and intense video calls, especially in larger environment where the active speaker may not be immediately clear by the video feed. It increases the efficiency of geographically distributed teams, promotes the creativity of your employees and ultimately improves the productivity of your company meetings.

Have Control – Based entirely on two team players, the microphone and the camera, the system does not detect faces or other physical tags that could be used to identify the participants. This way, no personal data is collected – and complete control of the meeting remains with you.

Private Demo – Sennheiser and QSC are delighted to showcase the use of Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone and the Q-SYS Ecosystem to recall camera position presets based on the location of the speaker in the room. Book a private session with the QSC or/and Sennheiser team.

Solution Overview

TeamConnect Ceiling 2 – now with TruVoicelift

Unlike other brands, Sennheiser believes that there’s more to voicelift than just another application on a long list. Our activatable and configurable algorithm behind TruVoicelift, in combination with the most flexible beamform and advanced zone control distinguish the most powerful beamforming microphone on the market: TeamConnect Ceiling 2 – the best solution for both conferencing and now in-room audio for classrooms, lecture halls, boardrooms and more.

Learn more about TeamConnect Ceiling 2

TeamConnect Ceiling 2 – now with TruVoicelift

Q-SYS Ecosystem & Microsoft Teams Experience

Created from the ground-up, Q-SYS is a software-based Audio, Video and Control platform built around an open IT-friendly ecosystem. With QSC Room System Accessories certified for Microsoft Teams, each Room System Accessory features the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 as the microphone solution, and helps Q-SYS extend the Microsoft Teams experience into high-value divisible spaces, training rooms, executive boardrooms, and all-hands spaces.

Learn more about the Q-SYS Ecosystem

Q-SYS Ecosystem & Microsoft Teams Experience

QSC and Sennheiser: The next generation of video conferences

Video conferencing has long been part of our everyday lives, whether at work or at home - now more than ever. Nevertheless, they are not a complete substitute for face-to-face meetings. What is said, both in terms of content and emotion, can quickly get lost for a wide variety of reasons. Together with QSC, we asked ourselves what we can do to make video conferencing an experience for everyone involved. Read more in our blog.

Read more in the blog

QSC and Sennheiser: The next generation of video conferences

QSC Blog Post "Keep Meetings in Frame"

Have you ever joined a meeting virtually where you couldn’t see the speaker’s face clearly? Where the speaker moved out of camera view and pointed to the screen or a whiteboard referring to something nobody outside the room can see? It can be hard to follow conversational nuances or feel included if you can’t see what is going on. In the future, this hybrid environment of physical and virtual attendees will be the norm. Can we do a better job of increasing inclusivity for the virtual attendees? That’s why Sennheiser and QSC have partnered to bring you the Automatic Camera Preset Recall plugin.

Read the full article on the QSC-Blog

QSC Blog Post "Keep Meetings in Frame"


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    • QSC & Sennheiser camera steering application examples & Q-SYS room designs

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