Sennheiser D 10 USB ML is a streamlined single-sided wireless DECT headset connecting directly to the softphone/PC to provide uncompromising sound for office professionals using Skype for Business.
Artigo No. 506418

Wearing variations


The D 10 Series offers the choice of 3 wearing styles. Choose between single-sided headband, ear hook or neckband. All headsets are for both left or right ear wearing and they all fit in to – and can be paired with the same base station.

The neckband is available as an optional accessory. Click-on adapter from HSA 20 accessory needed for mounting.


The sound of quality

Sennheiser Voice Clarity

For the best possible communication between caller and listener, Sennheiser Voice Clarity uniquely enhances the most important frequencies and details of the human voice. For the caller, sound is crisper and clearer, allowing them to hear the nuances contained in spoken conversation – and for the listener, a noise-cancelling microphone sends the clearest signal to improve intelligibility. In combination this results in better, more natural sounding conversations where no important details are lost.

Sennheiser Voice Clarity

Forget about battery-time

Full workday talk time

Thanks to intelligent fast charging, the D 10 Series headsets deliver a full day of talk time for a comfortable, worry-free connection in the office.

Full workday talk time

Additional Features

  • Single Connectivity

    • Connect directly to Skype for Business

  • Dialogue in motion

    • Experience quality sound on the move as you roam around the office. Wireless freedom extends your working range so you’re always within reach. Typical office building: up to 55 m. Line of sight: up to 180 m.

  • Fast charging

    • Re-charge 50% of the battery in 20 minutes.

  • Noise-cancelling microphone

    • Filters out unwanted background noise for crystal-clear conversations.

  • Phone conferencing

    • Fast and convenient.
      Up to three additional guests can join the same conference call by simply docking the headset to the same base station. There is no interruption and it is very fast and convenient for guests to join the same conversation.

  • A ring of confidence

    • Set up your own built-in ringtone and be sure never to miss a call.
      D 10 USB and D 10 USB ML feature a built-in ringer with a choice of three ringtones and adjustable ring volume.

  • ActiveGard®

    • Sennheiser ActiveGard® technology protects users against acoustic injury caused by sudden sound burst on the line.

Meet the D10 Series

Meet the D10 Series

The streamlined design of the new series of Sennheiser D 10 wireless DECT headsets makes no compromises when it comes to exceptional sound. Mais

D 10 Headset Trial Request

Please note that Sennheiser reserves the right to qualify the incoming requests

Informações Técnicas

  • Frequência de resposta (Microfone)
    Wideband: 150 Hz – 6.8 KHz
  • Frequência de resposta (Microfone)
    Narrowband: 300 Hz – 3.5 KHz
  • Frequência de resposta (fones de ouvido)
    Wideband: 150 Hz – 6.8 KHz
  • Frequência de resposta (fones de ouvido)
    Narrowband: 300 Hz – 3.5 KHz
  • Peso
    ear hook version: 22 g / 0.78 oz
  • Peso
    headband version: 50 g /1.76 oz
  • Tamanho de almofada auricular
    ø 50 mm / 1.96 in
  • Tempo de carga
    0 - 50: 20 minutes
  • Tempo de carga
    0 - 100: 1 hour
  • Tempo em espera
    Up to 100 Hours
  • Faixa
    line of sight: 180 m / 590 ft
  • Faixa
    in typical office building: 55 m / 180 ft
  • Tempo de conversação
    Wideband: Up to 8 hours
  • Tempo de conversação
    Narrowband: Up to 12 hours
  • Temperatura de armazenamento
    -20 °C to + 70 °C (-4 °F to +158 °F)
  • Temperatura de operação
    +5 °C to + 45 °C (+41 °F to +113 °F)


  • Fichas técnicas
  • FAQ-PDFs
  • Guias de segurança
    • Safety Guide - D 10 Series (580 KB) Download

  • Guias rápidos
    • Quick Guide - D 10 USB / D 10 USB ML (690 KB) Download

  • Manual de instruções
    • User Manual - D 10 Series (2.2 MB) Download

  • Declaração UE de conformidade
    • EC Declaration of Conformity (240 KB) Download

  • Literatura digital

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