A unidade central de discussão digital ADN CU1 liga até 40 (dependendo do comprimento do cabo) e controla até 400 (com ADN OS) unidades do presidente e conexões delegadas.
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Visão Geral

The digital discussion central unit ADN CU1 powers and controls up to 40 (depending on cable length) connected delegate and chairperson units. It offers full configuration in a quick and easy way over the menu display in several languages. Alternatively the integrated software package 'Conference Manager' can be used directly on the CU1 by connecting a screen, mouse and keyboard. The intuitive workflow of the conference manager allows a fluent monitoring and control of the conference. With its low-noise fan the central unit can be used directly in the meeting without disturbing it.


  • Supplies up to 40 and controls up to 400 discussion units

  • Integrated PC with pre-installed control software

  • Graphical user menu in 13 languages

  • Open Media Control Protocol over Ethernet (compatible to Crestron and other brands)

O que vem na caixa?

  • ADN CU1 central unit
  • DVD-ROM with Conference Manager software and manuals
  • Quickguide
  • Mains Cable EU / UK / US
  • ADN Conference Manager

Informações Técnicas

  • Dimensões
    417 x 100 x 345 mm
  • Frequência de RESPOSTA
    100 - 14000 Hz
  • THD, distorção harmônica total de
    < 0,01% A-weighted at +6 dBV IN, OUT
  • Peso
    approx. 6.5 kg
  • Consumo de energia
    245 W
  • Temperatura de operação
    +5°C to +50°C
  • Relação sinal-ruído
    > 80dB A-weighted at +11dBu
  • Faixa de voltagem de entrada
    -18 dBu to +18dBu (XLR IN)
  • Voltagem de saída
    52,8 VDC (ADN Bus)
  • Nível de saída
    max. +10dBV


  • Release Notes
    • Release Note ADN System Release (120 KB) Download

  • Informações de transporte sobre pilhas e baterias de iões de lítio
    • Transport information for Lithium-Ion batteries (570 KB) Download

      Revision Date: 2020-02-09 Revision Number: 1.0

  • Literatura digital
  • Application Notes
    • ADN Government Application Sheet (2.5 MB) Download

    • Application Note - Conference with Interpretation (770 KB) Download

    • ADN Conference Application Sheet (3.5 MB) Download

    • ADN Hospitality Application Sheet (2.7 MB) Download

    • ADN Government Application Sheet (2.5 MB) Download

    • Remote Participants Application Setups ADN (140 KB) Download

  • Application Software
    • ADN Cable Calculator Version 1_7_2 (11 MB) Download

    • ADN System Release - Version Download

  • Guias rápidos
  • Technical Drawings
    • Outline Dimensions CU1 (DWG) (1.7 MB) Download

  • Manual de instruções
    • ADN Cable Calculator - Installation instructions (200 KB) Download

    • BDA ADN-W C1 D1 ADN C1 D1 (900 KB) Download

    • ADN System Instruction Manual (16 MB) Download

    • ADN Conference Manager - Installation instructions (1.2 MB) Download

    • ADN System Installer Instructions (2.5 MB) Download

  • Compliance Sheet
    • Compliance sheet ADN - ADN-W C1/D1 (490 KB) Download

  • Spec Sheets
    • Folha de dados do sistema ADN conference System (470 KB) Download

    • Product specification ADN CU1 (270 KB) Download

  • Declaração UE de conformidade
    • Declaração UE de conformidade ADN Conference System (400 KB) Download

  • Media Control Protocols
    • ADN Media Control Protocol (4.5 MB) Download

  • Instruções de segurança e informações regulamentares